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SteelSafe Truck Immobilizer International Pty Ltd
PO Box 2050
Rowville 3178
Victoria, Australia

Mobile: 0403 461 619 (Australia)
+61 403 461 619 (Intl.)
Why protect your Trailer, Truck/Tractor, Bus with Steelsafe!

Simply put, you can provide a more reliable Supply Chain service to your customer base:

  • Your vehicle is immobilized and cannot be moved
  • A parked trailer is secure from theft by any truck/tractor
  • No other form of protection is as reliable as the SteelSafe
  • Owners of large vehicles owe it to the community to keep them secure at all times
  • Deductible waived with Chubb
  • Improve your standing in the transport industry as a safe and reliable carrier
  • Make it hard for vandals and terrorists to use your equipment to cause injury, loss and destruction
  • Your vehicle and its goods are worthy of the best protection available – a SteelSafe Truck Immobilizer

You will become a more secure and dependable part of the Supply Chain. Your client has a better chance of providing a consistent service to their customers - free of disruption and losses associated with theft and sabotage.