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SteelSafe Truck Immobilizer International Pty Ltd
PO Box 2050
Rowville 3178
Victoria, Australia

Mobile: 0403 461 619 (Australia)
+61 403 461 619 (Intl.)
Product Description – What is Steelsafe?

The decision to include or exclude SteelSafe from fleet security should be considered in light of the following major criteria that provided the impetus for the invention.

  • Freight Security.
  • Trailer security when uncoupled.
  • Freight-in-transit monitoring and mapping.
  • Safe (driver initialised or remote control centre) transport immobilisation.
  • Escalating Insurance Premiums.
  • Legal liability and Director's Duty of Care in securing dangerous good.

In other words, SteelSafe asks the broader question of whether in today's climate of escalating cargo theft and terrorist activity your business can justify ignoring the security risks

SteelSafe offers two models of immobilizer, truck version with GPS and trailer version with GPS

Unlike engine immobilizers, the SteelSafe Immobilizer is an electro-pneumatic device which works on the vehicle's air brakes system. The immobilizer is therefore suitable for trailers, trucks / tractors and buses.

Remote safe immobilization can be programmed into units with GPS to gradually stop the vehicle over a period of time. The driver is in full control of the steering throughout the stoppage process - where the driver and the public are placed in the safest condition possible. An alarm sounds and a LED sign warns (additional feature on request) of remote immobilization in progress.

SteelSafe offers two models of immobilizer
  1. Single Park Brake System with integrated GPS.
  2. Dual Park Brake System with integrated GPS

Single Park Brake System Vehicles includes all trailers and European style trucks.
Dual Park Brake System Vehicles is for American styled trucks

How it works
  • Automatically immobilizes once the truck/tractor, trailer or bus is parked.
  • Keyfob is used to unlock the SteelSafe unit and mobilize the truck/tractor, trailer or bus.
  • In the event that warrants immobilization, whilst on route, the following applications can be set to the unit; Immobilize Park Function, Immobilize Drive Function and Mobilize.
  • Immobilize Park Function - It will immobilize a vehicle if parked or once it is parked. If the vehicle is already parked the system can be activated remotely to not allow the unit to move. If a signal is sent whilst in motion, it will only remotely immobilize the vehicle once it is parked next.
  • Immobilize Drive Function - remotely immobilizes the unit and will slowly and safely activate the vehicle brake system, over a period of 5 minutes. This allows driver still total control of steering, braking and engine.
  • Mobilize - if the unit has been remotely activated in either event, the only way the vehicle will move is via the control centre. The keyfob can not re-activate the system, again providing total control to the customer/control centre and importantly, the authorities.