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SteelSafe Truck Immobilizer International Pty Ltd
PO Box 2050
Rowville 3178
Victoria, Australia

Mobile: 0403 461 619 (Australia)
+61 403 461 619 (Intl.)
Installation & Operation

Installation of the device to the sub-frame of the truck or trailer may take as little as 2 hours.

The Track, Trace, Stop and Arrest model

This model is designed for monitoring by mapping software and remote immobilization. The unit can be locked or unlocked by:

  1. Key Fob control.
  2. Internet (WEB based software).

The vehicle or trailer can be tracked as well as remotely shut down if an unauthorized driver or unauthorized route is being traversed.

As a security measure, a unit remotely shut down can only be de-activated by the remote device used to shut it down. A key fob cannot mobilize a vehicle at this stage.

  • Accommodates mapping software to track the unit and therefore the Truck/Trailer or Bus on your office computer.
  • Immobilization within a time frame of up to 5 minutes when safe to do so.

Coverage - Mapping and Mobile Networks

The SteelSafe Mapping solution currently utilizes Microsoft Virtual Earth. A decision to use Google Earth instead is under consideration. The guiding principle we have found helpful in the use of this product is: ‘If you can view a location on either of these, then you will be able to trace your vehicle at the same locations’. Both products achieve the same outcome.

Mobile telephone Network coverage cannot be guaranteed in remote locations. The GPS satellite will however maintain a record of the vehicles position and this data will be transmitted back to the computer in the control room when the vehicle falls within range.